Village School Ends Year at Park

Pre-schoolers gather to play together just one more day.

Children from the Village School met at in Old Zionsville to play together one last time. Classes at the pre-school were finished May 26, but all the children in all the classes came together May 31 for a picnic and play time.

Because of the high temperature and humidity, teachers decided to forego the formal games they had planned and let the children play on the playground equipment at their own pace. 

A break from playing came when the hot dogs were handed out. The children enjoyed eating them, as well as salads, chips, watermelon, rice krispy candy and plenty more. After a rest and a good meal, they were back to running, climbing and sliding down the sliding board.

Registration is currently being accepted for 2011-2012 Village School pre-school programs – there are classes for 2-year-olds, 3-year-olds and 4-year-olds/Pre-K. 

The Village School, located in the Old Zionsville UCC building, has a playground large enough for riding toys in order to help improve the kids's large motor skills. Plus, there is a roof over the play area, which means “rainy days can’t stop us from having fun.”

For additional information, call 484-264-8917 or go to the Village School web site


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