This Week’s Mystery Photo is Still Mysterious

There were several guesses, but we’re still not quite sure what it is.

Thank you to all of the Emmaus Patch users who tried to help us figure out exactly what is pictured in this week’s mystery photo. We had guesses on the Emmaus Patch site and on the Emmaus Patch Facebook page, but a definitive answer has yet to emerge.

Emmaus Patch user careless fills had this to say on the Patch site: “Vent for underground utility such as sewer or blowoff valve.”

Sounds plausible.

On Facebook Thirza Peevey said: “My guess would be that its a fresh air vent for an underground bomb shelter or root cellar.”

Another good answer…

Also on Facebook, Jessica Gauld said: “A driven well pipe missing its end cap?”

We’ll buy that.

Emmaus Patch user An interested bystander guessed that it was a child standing next to a pipe, which in its utter simplicity is entirely correct.

In the interest of full disclosure, we can tell you that the photo was taken in the back yard of the Emmaus Patch headquarters and the knees in the picture belong to the Emmaus Patch editor’s younger child. We can also tell you that everyone in the Emmaus Patch family thought the pipe was meant to help scrape the mud off the bottom of shoes before heading indoors. We’re all feeling a bit naïve now, but truth-be-told, we have a LOT of mud and it totally works.

Thank you to everyone who submitted a guess this week in the effort to solve this mystery. If anyone has any ideas that can help to put the matter to rest once and for all, please share them!

On Wednesdays Emmaus Patch will post an unusual mystery photo that we need some help in identifying or a picture taken somewhere in Emmaus/Upper Milford Township and ask you to guess what it is or where you've seen the image in and around town. Answers will be revealed on Fridays.

To submit your own “What is it? Wednesday” photo, email jennifer.marangos@patch.com


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