Schubert-Graber Believed Oldest House in Township

Unique Upper Milford cabin sits on stone foundation dug Into hillside.

You may not know much about history, but Emmaus Patch is going to help change that. Every Friday in July, you're invited to join Peggy Heminitz for a brief history lesson. Peg will share a local photograph and some historical fact about the place we call home. We promise there won't be any tests!

This week, we're focusing on the Schubert-Graber log cabin:

The Schubert-Graber log cabin, 6612 Powder Valley Road, Zionsville, is thought to be the oldest building in Upper Milford Township, possibly even Lehigh County. It was built circa 1735 and is one of several remaining log buildings in the township.

The cabin is unique, however, because it is built on a stone foundation dug into a hillside, much like a Pennsylvania bank barn. Analysis of the mortar used indicates the four walls were not all built at the same time. They were built using varying percentages of clay, lime, straw, wood shavings and crushed anthracite coal.

An unusual feature of the building is the lack of evidence of a stairway from the ground floor to the first floor, and either a fireplace or chimney. It is thought that the building may have been used as a Schubert business, which included barrel-making and, later, a wool business.

The building has been neglected over the years, due to lack of funds for restoration. The Hivel und Dahl (Hill and Dale) Preservation Society, Inc. is currently attempting to stabilize and preserve the historical structure.


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