Photos: Lehigh Valley Rollergirls Welcome New Skaters

About 15 women came to see how the Lehigh Valley Roller Girls roll and learn more before tryouts on Feb. 4.


About 15 women showed up for open recruitment night hosted by the Lehigh Valley Rollergirls on Monday at the Independence Family Fun Center in Schnecskville.

"We'll teach anybody the game but you do have to learn how to skate," said Captain Lynn Diesel.

There are currently 34 Lehigh Valley Rollergirls and they are looking to grow. Diesel said it can be hard to keep players because it's a huge commitment. They practice almost year round - taking a break in November and December - for two hours a day, three-days a week.

On Monday, seasoned players showed potential players the basics and coached them on what to practice. Tryouts are Feb. 4.

The Rollergirls went through their usual practice and qualifying events while the women in the wings looked on. It's definitely not an easy sport. Some who watched looked surprised while others, who had played before, took it in stride.

The drills are intense - one requires skaters to drop to the ground, get up immediately and sprint skate in the opposite direction.  Individual team members must also qualify in endurance rounds in order to compete.

The Rollergirls pride themselves on being family friendly. Diesel, whose day job is as a transportation manager and tax preparer, said there are no skimpy outfits allowed and players keep it clean.

Another Rollergirl, named Maulecule Hoffman, said she started with the team a year ago "mainly on a dare." A friend told her she "had what it takes to do derby" and she decided to go for it.

A chemistry teacher at Liberty High School, Maulecule is now embarking on her first full season.

Learn more about the Rollergirls and check out their 2013 schedule.

Ann Wlazelek February 01, 2013 at 01:54 PM
These women are amazing, talented and so nice! My mother-in-law tried out for Roller Derby many moons ago and was delighted to meet the local team at a fund-raiser last fall. Go Girls! Hope to see them in action later this month.


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