Great Grey Slug Puts new Twist on the Birds and Bees

Also known as the Leopard Slug, this slimy creature is worth watching for.

Visit the "Nature Nook" each Monday to learn a little something about a plant, animal, insect or woodland creature that you might come across as you are out and about this summer.

This week, we help you to get up close and personal with theĀ Great Grey Slug:

Native to Europe, these interesting creatures, which measure from 4-8 inches long, were found on South Mountain, just outside of Emmaus.

This species of slug was officially documented in the United States when discovered by malacologist George Washington Tyron in a Philadelphia basement in 1867.

Known to be one of the largest kinds of "keeled air-breathing land slugs in the world," it also has a very unique mating process.

According to Wikipedia, a great grey slug pair mates by using "a thick thread of mucus to hang suspended in the air from a tree branch or other structure."

You might want to take a few moments to observe the ritual if you spot it in your backyard. Lucky for the two "love slugs" pictured here, they found each other!


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