Fireworks and Fido: 5 Things Dog Owners Should Do on July 4

Does your dog loathe fireworks? Here's how to keep him safe.

Do fireworks freak out your dog? Do you dread July 4 festivities because you know it's your pet's least favorite day of the year?

Petfinder.com reports that more dogs go missing on July 4 than any other day of the year, presumably because the sound of fireworks causes them to flee.

Don't let your dog be one of those that go missing. Petfinder offers up tips to keep your dog safe while the skies light up on Independence Day.

We highlighted our favorites here: 

1. Make sure your dog is wearing an ID: It's easy for a collar to slip off in the yard. Make sure your pet is wearing his or her collar this weekend with a current ID tag that includes a phone number.

2. Take a photo of your dog now: In the worst case scenario that your dog runs away, you'll want a current picture to spread around.

3. Leave your pooch inside: Especially during fireworks and sparklers, the best place for your pup is inside.

4. Set the mood: Put on some soothing, quiet music to distract your pet.

5. Take him for a walk: Before the festivities start, tire out your pup so he's more relaxed.


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