Creative Gardens: Designed for Sunny Days, Cool Nights

Bob and Linda Boehmer have created several types of gardens that can be enjoyed in a variety of ways.

Gardeners not only have the luck of green thumbs, but also have a great understanding of many types of plants and how those plants work with one another. For Bob and Linda Boehmer, of Emmaus, these skills shine through in the several types of gardens that make up their larger landscaped yard. Gardening on the land since 1990, these two teachers work hard during the school year to prepare their garden for the summer. While their students are busily doing homework for class the next day, the Boehmers are devoting hours of after-school time readying the land for the blooms and blossoms to come.

When summer heats up, so does this garden. With a large grassy area that works as a great place for the Boehmer’s dog, Dewey to get exercise, the outlying areas are transformed into several types of gardens. The fruit and vegetable garden holds white raspberries, blueberries and tomatoes, as well as several types of herbs such as basil. For their shade garden, the Boehmers were interested in creating a forest-like atmosphere, where plants that need just a little less sun exposure live, as well as dog-friendly plants such as ferns. Floribunda and Hybrid Tea roses are at the side of the house, giving them plenty of sun exposure. A perennial garden lies just outside the boundary of the yard, and is made up of hibiscus and lilies, among other flowering plants. A highlight of the garden is the three ponds near the back of the property. Proudly installed by Bob himself, each pond contributes to a larger space that houses several grasses and bushes.

The Boehmers spend their evenings in the garden, surrounded by favorite plants, which through hard work and dedication has flourished into a landscape that is completely unique.

Editor's Note: Creative Gardens will be an ongoing focus of the Emmaus Patch this summer, as we explore, through photography, both the private and public gardening activities that make Emmaus such a lovely place to spend the summer months.

Wesley Barrett August 04, 2011 at 04:41 PM
Beautiful! What a great spot you've created to enjoy a nice day.


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